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Thinking of becoming a member?


When considering joining our Shul, you are welcome to visit us at a convenient time.  If you wish to attend services, please contact the Synagogue office to let us know when, and we will make sure that someone is available to welcome you.


Arrange to have an informal chat with the Rabbi and have a look around the Synagogue.  We want to make you as welcome as possible.

Then if you decide to start the membership process, please complete the membership form by clicking here.


Monthly Membership Charges 2022/23


Adult membership fees          £ 30.60

JJBS (Burial Society)                  £  6.30

Security                                      £  0.25


Associate Member                  £12      (To qualify for Associate membership, you must be a full member of another MRJ Synagogue.

                                                                BHRS will contact MRJ to confirm)


If applicable - Cheder per child £ 7.20


Voluntary extras - Renewal Fund £ 10/yr / Board of Deputies £ 30/yr




The JJBS subscription is similar to a life insurance policy premium payable with your annual Synagogue membership, in addition to your subscription.  This year we have again agreed that no JJBS subscription is  payable by members under the age of 40 at 1 April, although they will be included as members of the scheme. The scheme will pay out a sum to cover a proportion of your   funeral costs, when that time arises. The amount paid out is determined by your age at the time of joining the scheme. If you join before the age of 50 you will receive 100% benefit (currently up to £3,600), with the amount decreasing if you join at an older age.  You may buyout this 'late entry' liability at any time.


The JJBS is an independent charitable organisation serving Reform, Masorti, Liberal and Independent communities in the UK. Membership of this scheme is mandatory for members who join BHRS, before the age of 75.  You cannot be a member of the JJBS Scheme without being a member of a JJBS affiliated Synagogue. The scheme is subject to terms and conditions as updated from time to time. The new JJBS website is very helpful:

The Synagogue will take responsibility for the conduct of a funeral and ensure that the scheme benefits cover the funeral costs (or the applicable proportion of costs), provided that the funeral is arranged by a consultant or director approved by the Synagogue.




This is a voluntary payment for the Sussex Jewish Representative Council’s Community Renewal Fund, which is used to fund cross communal activities in the interests of maintaining current and future Jewish life in Sussex.




This is a further voluntary payment for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which includes representatives from all parts of the Jewish community.  It is the oldest Jewish communal organisation in Britain. 



The synagogue can relaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you pay as part of your membership or any donations you may make.  Please help us to do this by completing the GIFT AID FORM and returning it to the Synagogue at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


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