Daily on-line services

You don't stop being Jewish when you are at home!

Join in the virtual tefillah (prayer) led by Rabbi Andrea on ‘Zoom’.

(download the app)

Many options available every day:

Shachrit every morning at 7.30am (Sundays to Fridays)

Go to: https://zoom.us/join ~ type 790-285-615

Mincha everyday at 2pm (Sundays to Fridays)

Go to: https://zoom.us/join ~ type 571-620-138

Ma’ariv at 5.30pm (Sundays to Thursdays!)

Thursday's Ma’ariv service is followed by Rabbi’s weekly shiur

Go to: https://zoom.us/join ~ type 258-315-566

Please contact the Synagogue Office for the relevant passwords.

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