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About us


Whether you are joining us for the first time or you are a regular visitor, we are pleased to welcome you to our Synagogue.


Our community was founded in 1955 and our beautiful Synagogue was dedicated in 1967 to serve the rapidly growing community. The 400-capacity building was designed by Derek Sharp; a plaque indicates that the foundation stone was laid on 17 July 1966, or in the Hebrew calendar, 29 Tammuz 5726. Since then, our community has become one of the largest congregations in Brighton and Hove and one of the larger ones in the Movement for Reform Judaism of which we are a member.


The first rabbi to serve the community was Rabbi Rosenblum who developed a style of prayer which combined a sense of tradition with mixed seating and inclusion of English beside a mainly Hebrew rendering of the service. In 2011 members of the Synagogue voted in favour of equal rights for women congregants.


The Synagogue's current rabbi is Dr Andrea Zanardo, who was appointed in September 2012. Rabbi Zanardo was born in Milan and founded the first Italian Progressive Congregation whilst studying for his PhD. He was ordained in July 2012 after rabbinical studies at Leo Baeck College.


We are a large and active community but we also are proud to be a close family - a mishpacha.


We extend to you the hospitality of our friendly Synagogue and wish you Shalom, Peace.

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