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Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue



Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue




To celebrate the birth of a new child, we would be happy to arrange a Baby Blessing at the Synagogue for you and your family.

If you need up to date details of Mohelim we can also help, just get in touch with the Synagogue office.

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Our B’nei Mitzvah programme gives a fresh and modern approach and a completely egalitarian preparation to the big step into adult Jewish life. With us each child receives special attention, taking into account his/her interests and learning abilities.
After having completed the Cheder curriculum, where students have learnt how to read liturgical Hebrew, and become confident with the structure of the service, they enter the two-year B’nai Mitzvah programme. They begin their studies following their 11th birthday and celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah on their 13th birthday or after that date.

During the two years, these young people deepen Jewish Studies topics and enhance their Hebrew. They will be encouraged to develop a personal understanding and practice of Judaism and... of course be prepared for their big day.



For members of BHRS, or where at least one of the bride or groom are  members, we can help you plan a lovely wedding that brings together  the religious and civil parts in one ceremony under the Chuppah.  

Rabbi, along with Jason Lever our Marriage Secretary, can help you plan  the religious aspects, the signing of the Ketubah (marriage contract)  and the marriage books. 

If you would like to hold an Aufruf prior to your big day and where  you would like the Chuppah are part of the discussion with Rabbi and  Jason. We are happy to hold the marriage ceremony in the Synagogue  sanctuary or you may wish to opt for a private hire location



In the event of a death your first point of contact should be the Synagogue office on 01273 735343. We will be able to assist with all the necessary arrangements. If you need to call out of office hours, there will be a message on the answer phone directing you to our Funeral Consultant, Martin Gross. His details are 07801 599771 or 07540 066 566

BHRS can officiate funerals and cremations for members and non-members.  
Burials take place at the Jewish section of Hove Cemetery, Old Shoreham Road, BN3 7EF.
Cremations take place at Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, BN2 3QB.



The timing of the stone-setting (consecration of the tombstone) can vary from community to community. 
In Israel, for instance, the stone-setting often takes place at the end of the first month, which coincides with the end of the shloshim (literally: thirty days). In Britain, by contrast, it is more usual to have the stone-setting at the end of the year to coincide with the first anniversary, or that week.  

In this case, the ceremony acts as a marker, putting an end to the year of mourning and with the strong suggestion that there is a limit to active grief and a time to re-engage with the stream of life.
To organise a date for a stone-setting please contact the Synagogue office who will be able to help you with the necessary arrangements.
The Synagogue’s recommended Stone Masons are both Jewish and London based companies:


Hewstone Ltd, represented by Martin Gross, 07801 599771 or 07540 066566


Gary Green Memorials, represented by Norman Grant, 01273 885874 or 07769 515045

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