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Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue



Date agreed by Council: February 2022
Date for review: May 2022 (or sooner if new information indicates a quicker response)

  • We request anyone attending services, Cheder, Shul events and activities:   

    • Are fully vaccinated, unless medically exempt. (In light of any future risk assessments and in order to safeguard the congregation, we reserve the right to ask for proof of full vaccination)

    • Have a recent negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) (In place until end March 2022)

    • Do not attend if you, or someone at home, has had a positive covid test or symptoms of Covid. 

    • This request also applies to the Synagogue and Cheder staff, volunteers and Trustees

    • For Cheder children. Our expectation is that eligible children are vaccinated as soon as reasonably possible. Unless medically exempt.

Cheder children do not attend if they, or someone at home, has had a positive Covid test, or symptoms of Covid. Or if they have been in direct contact with a confirmed Covid case.


  • Seating remains to be socially distanced

  • We continue to ventilate any space with more than 2 people in it, by opening the windows. We advise members to dress accordingly in the winter months

  • Face masks. Everyone over 12 years old should wear a facemask whilst entering, exiting and moving around the Synagogue building.  Facemasks can be removed whilst seated / not moving around. Medical exemptions apply.

  • Groups and activities can return to the building. All members and building users are requested to follow all of our guidance (in this statement) 

  • Weekly Kiddushim will be held in the Ajex Hall 

We thank all members for their cooperation and support in helping the Trustees keep Rabbi, volunteers, staff and all members safe and well. 

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